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Internet Heroine
Hong Kong
Current Residence: Hong Kong
Favourite genre of music: Non-specific.
Favourite style of art: Pretty much anything goes.
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: XMPlay
Shell of choice: Shells are for cowards. :P
Wallpaper of choice: Tales of Destiny Remake
Skin of choice: Regular
Personal Quote: "Everyone has their own path in life they must find."

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comicglee Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can i use your drawing of tales of destiny sally acorn? :D
darkfire826 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2008
I'm not one to brag, but I'm a justice and a god incarnate.

Shame Straitfox doesn't take any form of dissent.
roxannababe Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2008
I like your art! It is realy nice. Keep up the good work!
LiteracyScaresMe Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2008  Student Filmographer
Incoming shit storm, take cover.
Joan-Michele Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2008
lol what?
Astroluc Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for the faves :love:
WetflameG Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2008
"But that's what you are, or at least what you claim to be, right? Why would you want to lie about that to people you meet?"

I am not lying by saying I am female. Once again you display that you have absolutely no clue of anything transgender related.

"I don't think questioning your considerability is an emo question, besides, how can you know for certain that the ED members aren't considerate?"

Because I've met them and talked to them, and the same ones doing my article are the Cultfags who still respected Pachuka after raping a minor.

"Some of the EDiots I have met have been nothing but angels to me, and they do know about my sex identity issue, I had nothing to hide and I felt really comfortable around them."

Some. The vast majority are horrible about it, and you'll never talk to them anyway, because as I pointed out, they don't tend to go in for that kind of thing. The EDfags that shitpost on /b/ and make most of the bitching about LJ users articles.

"So, you playing your TS thing as a card is completely selfish and hateful bullshit."

There are people on ED who hate TS people. There are people like that EVERYWHERE, but ED's tough guy persona inevitably attracts more.

"Unfortunately for you, my actions speak otherwise I hate to toot my horn here, but if you look back a couple of journals, that already dismantles your assertion. Ask a few of my friends about me."

I'm sorry I don't do all my nice things in public for everyone to see and pat me on the back for like you do.

"What you see here, is me standing up to Fiz, a close friend of mine, because she deserves better than to to be exposed to your batshit insanity."

My "batshit insanity" was pointing out the over. This just proves you use "Batshit insanity" wherever you can't think up a better argument. Like it or not I'm not just standing up for me but every person that ED or people like you has fucked over. As I pointed out, I could live an entirely quiet life, but then I wouldn't be able to defend others even if my own life was fine. I could talk to some of the more reasonable higher ups at ED, who do occasionally have a clue. But it wouldn't change how the EDdiots themselves think.

"You think you had it bad? I have been through everything you described, and more, Fiz here has been through a lot more, another friend of mine from FUS has it even worse, what with having to deal with a couple of psychopath exes and a debt of up to 35 grand on top of that, yet I do not see them turning into thin-skinned whiny emo faggots like you. You know what it did to us? It taught us to be grateful for what we do have with us currently, a valuable lesson that you are too wrapped up in yourself to understand."

This is not a Tragedy Penis Size match. It doesn't matter who's been through what, everybody goes through things in their own way and you have no right to judge someone in that manner. Just as people have different thresholds for physical pain, the same is true of other forms. And I love how you can say this with such certainty. As if you have infilitrated and psychically *know* my life. You really are a fucking nut, and unlike your "Batshit insane" remarks I've just given a good reason why.

"As for the TS argument, I do know enough to look for certain personality and attribute markers, all of which you seemed to have contradicted in your actions. You are not fooling me."

You are not a psychologist. It is not your place to diagnose people. I think I'd rather go with my own experiences and feelings over yours even if diagnosis were not to come into it. You don't seem very good at understanding people different to yourself. Not to mention that since I'm AS(and also quite good at throwing people off when I really want to), I'm probably impossible to read properly to begin with.

"This speaks for itself. Comparing being made fun of in the internet to rape = holy fucking rofl."

It doesn't. Both are good examples of sociopathy. The comparison is made because it shows the danger of being unable to have your own ethical construct. You miss the point.

"Oh yes, you fight for yourself...and that's it."

Dumbshit. You haven't seen me everywhere so you can't say that for sure. I'm not going to argue under my own persona most of the time as I don't want people backtracking to the fucking ED article and other shit. Heck, I'm the first one to launch into full frenzy whenever a "Nigger" thread is posted on ED that obviously isn't tounge-in-cheek like most of them are. Now that's some tough shit to argue.

"The only thing you will ever achieve with your constant fag attacks is to be an embarassment to everyone who is TS."

As opposed to you who keep making judgement calls "real" TS never would. Real TS would not accuse others of not being TS. Though, I'm not saying you're not, but you haven't had the experience that most have had. People like you almost idefenitely get hurled out of a T community 10 times as quick as I'd be banned from a Sonic board.

"Believe it or not, even my tolerance has their limits,"

The limits of your tolerance are utterly confused. It seems that even shit you imagine yourself can somehow break the limits of your tolerance.

"Oh yes, that would explain your reply in here which is quite irrelevant to the journal topic, and your countless efforts to vandalize ED"

You cannot fucking "Vandalise" ED. ED is one big wankstain to begin with. It's more like sculpting a turd than anything, or "pissing in the ocean of piss" to coin a /b/ term.

"I have been tipped off by a fellow /b/tard that you have been bitching about me. "

Nope. I might have pointed out a furfag christfag complete utter failure sonic fan once, but I didn't leave it at more than that. And you're the one endorsing my ED article - so that's a "bit rich" isn't it? People find the very description of you ridiculous. You're the one that lashed into me. And face it - you're raid bit every bit as much as I am. If only I had that archive of god awful posts made by you someone posted on another forum. But, since I won't sink any lower than saying "that Joan Michele on devianart is a bit of an annoying furry isn't she"?, it doesn't really matter. However, given the fact that you seem to wANT a fight since you rejected my offer to talk about things more reasonably, I'm not sure if I can expect the same courtesy from you.

"Oh yeah, do tell my ex Anthony Dean Sherratt who you seem to recently become buddy-buddies with you that I enjoyed his attempt at editing your ED article as Machao, it gave me a few minutes of entertainment. ;D"

The grammar here confuses me. "you seem to recently become buddy-buddies with you"? I'm thinking there's sarcasm in here, but I can't work out the statement. I'm not particularly buddy buddy with anyone at the moment since I've been too busy with college shit. Do you have someone stalking/spying on me? If so, knock it off. You've little enough moral highground against me as is without resorting to that.

Again, when all is said and done, I'll say again I have no problem dropping this argument and taking it up in a friendly manner over AIM. I don't care for grudges and I would really like to get you to understand what I mean inhereting values from your social circles because I think that's where the problem lies here. I am someone who genuinely believes in working things out through reason instead of bitchfests. I could be so wonderfuly curteous, if only you were prepared to do the same.
Joan-Michele Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2008
Laughing hard at this. Christfaggots, you really do need mental help.

The moment you can prove to me that you are even capable of discussing things through with people you disagree with without constantly launching into a psycho-hambeast fag attack, then I might consider your "offer". Until then, you are full shit, and your actions have proven this.

But hey, if it means anything to you, keep throwing meaningless words at me. At least I can have something to laugh at for a few minutes before wiping my ass with them.

Keep pretending that you are rational.
Keep pretending that you are even capable of being civil to those you disagree with.
Keep pretending that you lost your friends because you think they are assholes. No, your constant whining and your desire to inflict the pain of bereavement through suicidal thoughts has nothing to do with this.
Keep pretending that you are considerate when it is proven countless times that you fly into a fit of apoplectic rage every time someone does you even the slightest insult.

Get it though your thick skull, [link].FOOLING.ANYBODY.
WetflameG Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2008
Funny, since you're the one that launched into the psycho-hambeast fag attack, and all I did was defend myself. Also, why is it that certain "special" types of people, when unable to counter an argument, pretend like the whole thing is very amusing? I don't care if you're laughing - it only makes you're loosing worse It doesn't give you a leg up since you haven't shown how what I have to say is ridiculous.

I don't have to prove anything to you, nor do I have to pretend anything. I just countered all of your points only for you to post a few shitty sentences. How is that rational? How am I the irrational one?
You're the one pretending, making statements without backing them up.

Stop acting like you and your faggy friends are some kind of internet Jury. You're 2 seconds away from becoming an ED article yourself if some fag decides to do some more grave digging.

To prove that I am more mature than you, if you're really interested in actually knowing what my life is really like(you should never insult someone for being a dramafag until you do) or just want to try to be mature yourself, feel free to look me up on AIM or whatnot, I won't bite. I'm a fair and reasonable person and I don't care to hold grudges. But I will hold that how you're acting now is immensely silly.
Joan-Michele Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2008
Still loling at this. This whole shit is proof that you are incapable of dropping a grudge. Your initial message had nothing to do with the question of the journal involved. There is nothing about Fiz for you to stand up against. I know you are looking for an argument with Fiz when you made that comment.

Again, more words. You seem to like wasting the better part of your day throwing words at me, going on a tangent, talking so much, but saying so little. What does this say about you?

Hey, if you want to make an ED article featuring me, then be my guest, I'd be honoured. I am actually pretty overdue for one anyways. ;)
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